Water Symptom, Cause, Treatment

Symptom Possible Cause Possible Health Effects Means of Treatment
My water is not healthy
Dissolved Solids, Chlorine, Contaminants, Pharmaceuticals, and Bacteria. Various effects Our Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems has 3-4 stages of filtration to address all these issues.
My Water has a bad taste Various Causes Various effects Our RO systems have an activated
carbon filter which greatly enhances
the overall taste – giving you yummy
water at your faucet
My water smells like a swimming pool Chlorine Could occur from formation of disinfection byproducts Chlorine is a nasty but necessary contaminant
used to kill bacteria in drinking water supplies.
The carbon filter in our RO removes chlorine to
give you great-tasting, healthy water.
My water is dirty and gritty Suspended matter in surface water pond, stream or lake Turbid water may contain disease causing microorganisms Dirt, sand, silt, and sediment are common
issues in most city and well water.
Our sediment cartridge takes out these
pesky particles down to 5 microns. Teeny tiney!
My water contains contaminants
Various causes Various effects Contaminated water is nothing to joke about.
Lead, barium, arsenic and more can seriously
affect your health and your families’. Our
Reverse Osmosis membrane is proved
to reduce contaminants by 99.9%
My water tastes salty or brackish High sodium content Aesthetic only 1. Deionize drinking water only with disposable mixed bed—anion/cation resins2. reverse osmosis