Bottled Water CoolerFor over three decades, American Aqua has provided the purest, cleanest water available to customers throughout Southeast Michigan and Northern Ohio. You will find our bottled water and water treatment products and systems not just in households, but also in schools, hospitals, labs, factories, and restaurants.

Over the years, American Aqua’s offerings have grown from water softener sales, rental, and services to a broad range of water treatment solutions for residential, commercial, and complex industrial applications. Today more than 20,000 American Aqua customers receive prompt, friendly, reliable service from our team of factory trained and certified technicians in the field.

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A Brief History of American Aqua

Our company was founded in 1975. We began in Saline, Michigan as the Water Softener Hospital. We have since expanded to three strategically located facilities in Saline and Howell, Michigan. All now share the American Aqua name.

Over the years, we have steadily expanded our company’s offerings from water softener sales, rental, and services to a broad range of water treatment solutions for residential and commercial applications.

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Meet the American Aqua Team

As an American Aqua customer, you’ll enjoy support from our team of over 20 employees, working out of three strategically located facilities in Saline and Howell, Michigan.

Our staff includes factory trained and certified water treatment system experts. They cover the entire Southeast Michigan area in our growing fleet of service vehicles.

American Aqua’s philosophy has been to invest in the highest-quality tools, technology, and training of its service team. This philosophy has enabled us to deliver premium customer service and create high levels of customer satisfaction.

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Wes VandenBrink

Mr. Wes VandenBrink has a 20 year career in water treatment. The first part of his career was in the chemical water treatment industry with a focus on cooling tower, boiler, and process waters. Additional emphases included water safety and potable water treatment systems. Mr. VandenBrink has designed and managed numerous projects in Michigan and now brings this talent to American Aqua. His educational background includes a Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry and Biology from Michigan State University with a Master’s Degree in Geology from Wayne State University. Mr. Vandenbrink’s extensive experience in technical applications, commercial systems, and pure water applications allows him to provide industry leading consultation.

John Fauster

For the last 15 years, John Fauster has been active in the finance, operation and ownership of Sullivan Corporation, a leader in the wholesale salt distribution industry. Prior to owning and investing in businesses, Mr. Fauster was actively engaged in the Corporate Finance industry, with a focus on food and agricultural commodities.

Mr. Fauster’s background in finance, and knowledge of the commodities industry, has helped his businesses and clients formulate a single source vendor integration to several Fortune 100 Companies.

Mr. Fauster currently serves as a member of the Water Quality Association and is active at the committee level of the WQA.

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American Aqua’s Partnerships and Associations

American Aqua provides leading-edge solutions by maintaining high-level manufacturing partners committed to providing engineering and R&D support. Our affiliations with these industry leaders allow us to provide solutions to complex issues in water treatment:

American Aqua is a member of the Water Quality Association (WQA). We carry water treatment products certified by the WQA.

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Our Staff’s Certifications

Certifications are proof of knowledge. They reflect our dedication to training and advancement – a commitment exceeded only by our commitment to customer service.

No different than in other areas of professional service, we feel strongly that our certifications, commitment to learning, and proof of knowledge applied in the field are the keys to building mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, and sustaining our company’s ongoing success. It’s just good business.

Some of our staff’s certifications include:

  • Certified Water Specialist
  • S-5/D-5 Michigan DEQ-certified Operator
  • Certified Installer
  • Ozone Specialist
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Specialist
  • Deionization Specialist
  • Ultra-filtration Specialist

Customers looking to expeditiously achieve long-term resolution to complex water problems have especially benefited from our commitment to knowledge and training.

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American Aqua’s Awards and Achievements

  • 2006 “ Business of the Year” – Saline Chamber of Commerce
  • Highest Sales Volume Awards – various manufacturers
  • Board of Directors – Water Association (WQA)
  • Many regional, local, and community sponsorships

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