No matter what your Water Problems may be, we can help.

But, first we need to Test your Water…

Shower Head with Hard Water

Buildup on Your Faucets & Fixtures?


10 Things You Can Expect from a FREE Home Water Test from American Aqua:

  1. We will test your Well or City water for Hardness, Chlorine, and Total Dissolved Solids
  2. We will provide you with a professional, written analysis
  3. We will not pressure you into purchasing anything
  4. We will be honest
  5. We will schedule the test at a time convenient for you
  6. We will answer any questions you have about your water test, water quality and what needs to be done to treat it
  7. If further testing is necessary for well water or problem water applications, we will collect a sample and send it to our certified lab for you, refunding the cost of the lab test if you purchase an EcoWater System
    Low pH Water

    Rust or Acid Stains?

  8. Peace of mind, knowing what your family is consuming and the options you have to make your water better
  9. Understandable and explained results: the worst feeling is to have someone hand you your water test and not have a clue what it means.
  10. Treatment options: we will let you know how to treat your water if there are contaminants and/or hardness problems
Dare to Compare GuaranteeGive us a call or fill out the form on the right to schedule your FREE in-home water test.Every day you wait is another day potential contaminants are damaging your health and your home. Trust the experts at EcoWater, better yet, trust our customer reviews.