Bottled Water & Delivery Pricing from American Aqua

Home Water Delivery Prices
ItemPrice per Bottle
5-gallon Purified Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water$ 7.40
5-gallon Deep Rock Spring Water$ 7.90
3-gallon Purified Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water$ 6.00

Save 50 cents per bottle on orders of 5 or more bottles. Bottle deposit of 7 dollars bottle. Minimum 3 bottles per delivery account. Plus 6 dollar delivery charge per delivery. Residential or commercial. Volume pricing available for larger accounts. Call us at 888-360-4388 for details.

Bottled Water Dispenser Prices
 Rent per MonthPurchase Price
Crock and StandN/A$ 60.00
Crock AloneN/A$ 32.50
Cool/Cold Cooler$ 14.00$ 275.00
Hot/Cold Cooler$ 16.00$ 375.00
Pump DispenserN/A$ 24.95

Credit check applies on all rentals.

Cups and Dispenser Prices
Adjustable Cup Dispenser$ 24.95
1,000 42r Cone Cups$ 36.00
200 42r Cone Cups$ 3.99
100 5 oz. Flat Cups$ 3.50

Call us at 888-360-4388 to schedule your delivery!