Why It’s Important to Choose Certified Water Treatment Products

Be sure that the water treatment system you choose is third-party certified by NSF International or the Water Quality Association (WQA). Remember that displaying the WQA logo may signify only that the company is a member of the Water Quality Association, not that its products are validated by the WQA. babysplashIn addition, just because a product is NSF certified against some contaminants does not mean it protects you against all contaminants. Check to see that the system you choose is specifically certified to reduce the contaminants from which you wish to protect your family. Also, be wary of systems that carry only the NSF “component” certification; this indicates that only a single component of the system is certified, and the certification may not reflect overall system capabilities. Buying water treatment equipment is an investment that adds to and protects the value of your home and the environment. Water is a very important aspect of your health. A quality water treatment system is not a disposable item, so consideration of the unit’s efficiency and longevity, the reputation of the dealer you buy it from, and confidence that you will receive reliable service are critical factors in shopping for your system. Available maintenance information and supplies should be readily available.
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