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      • Client Challenge:
        • An automotive testing and design company located in Auburn Hills, MI recently installed an intricate environmental testing chamber. This is used for testing different automotive components in varying artificially created environments. The challenge for the client was filtering and purifying the water before it entered the chamber so that the water would not corrode the chamber or the components that the chamber was testing. The equipment called for high purity water, which is more pure than membrane filtered water.
      • American Aqua Solution:
        • The source water for this application was “Detroit City Water”. This water has moderate hardness, moderate alkalinity, and moderate to high chlorine and chlorine byproducts. American Aqua installed a carbon tank to remove organica, chlorine, and disinfectant byproducts. If these components are left in the water, deterioration of other filtration material will occur along with corrosion of equipment and testing components. Next, the two deionized water tanks were installed. These tanks remove all hardness, alkalinity, and ions from the water to create water with the highest level of purity. These tanks are exchanged whenever they become exhausted and regenerated at our state-of-the-art DI regeneration plant in Saline, MI.