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    • Client Challenge
      • An automotive proving ground campus is located in an area with very poor water quality (high hardness & iron) and there are restrictions on the volume of water that can be sent to sewage. Some of the water at this campus is used for humidification in environmental chambers that are used to test vehicles in different artificial climates. The challenge for our client was to purify the water for these environmental chambers and minimize the amount of waste water produced.
    • American Aqua Solution
      • American Aqua partnered with Voltea to create a system that removes the iron, softens the water, and then purifies the water to the desired level of dissolved solids. This system minimizes waste (significantly less reject than a traditional Reverse Osmosis System) and eliminates precipitation of solids in the humidification system. American Aqua also worked with controls engineers to integrate the purification system into the Building Management System.