Frequently Asked Water Questions

What is hard water?

Hard water is the result of dissolved minerals in water. These minerals are primarily calcium and magnesium and they are measured in grains per gallon. It produces scale build up in dishwashers, ice makers, water heaters and washing machines.

How is water softened?

Water is softened or conditioned by exchanging hardness ions such as calcium and magnesium with softer sodium or potassium ions. Our water softeners regenerate on demand with a brine solution renewing their ability to remove hardness from the water. The hard water passes through a tank containing resin beads coated with sodium potassium ions. The beads trap and hold the hardness until they are cleaned during the regeneration process.

Why can’t I just buy a water softener from the local home improvement store?

There are many different types of hard water and water problems. A one size fits all approach may not meet all your needs. With a free and simple test, your American Aqua technician can analyze your water and recommend the best solution.

How expensive is a water conditioning system?

A water treatment system from American Aqua will more than pay for itself in short order. You will use less soap and detergent, your appliances will be more energy efficient, and you will get longer life out of your clothing, dishes, and water using appliances.

What’s wrong with not having a water softener?

Hard water can build up scale in your pipes and water using appliances. To keep your dishwasher, water heater, pipes, and ice makers in top working order, it is best to use conditioned water. You will have fewer maintenance problems and add many years to the life of your appliances and pipes.

Isn’t municipal water already softened?

Municipalities often treat water with chlorine to kill bacteria. This meets Federal requirements, but can leave a chlorine aftertaste in your water. It also does not soften water, so a water conditioning system is still recommended.

Why is it important to drink high-quality water?

You are what you drink! Seventy percent of your body is made up of water. It is a scientific fact that drinking plenty of water is necessary for a healthier life. Our reverse osmosis drinking water system actually save you money by eliminating the need to buy bottled water.

Can you make my ice cubes clean and clear?

Yes. We can hook up our reverse osmosis drinking water system to both your sink and fridge, giving you clean and clear ice cubes you will be comfortable serving to your guests.

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Jim Stengel
Jim Stengel
22:11 05 Dec 23
Don was very friendly, professional & informative.
Tom Matson
Tom Matson
13:43 04 Dec 23
Don was great!
Thomas O'Connor
Thomas O'Connor
17:58 03 Dec 23
Very friendly and knowlegeable technician named Jacob who performed great service to our home water filtration system.
Patricia Reid
Patricia Reid
20:30 01 Dec 23
Excellent service! Prompt arrival, courteous; installation was exemplary. Great technician! Great company.
15:47 01 Dec 23
Chris was great, he was very professional and his work was top notch. I will definitely be letting everyone know how happy I am with everything I had done.
Anni Gabbert
Anni Gabbert
15:09 29 Nov 23
Friendly and knowledgeable staff
Mike Sweeney
Mike Sweeney
16:51 26 Nov 23
Everyone at American Aqua has been very professional and courteous and has worked with us to meet our needs and resolve any issues we have had in the past.
Stephanie Morgan-Yapur
Stephanie Morgan-Yapur
23:41 25 Nov 23
Don has been here on other occasions, and he is always kind, considerate, and respectful,. I appreciate and respect his many years of knowledge and service. I believe we will be getting a new system... from your company, and even though I will be in Florida for the insulation, at this time, I would request that Don be in charge of that project. Thank you for your kind attention to this more
Ben Keller
Ben Keller
23:57 24 Nov 23
Very helpful supplying information about water softeners. Didn't make a purchase but would go back when we need their products or services.CJ provided great service on out water softener and... educated me on that system and wells in general. He is one of the reasons I will remain a more
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