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Home water filters come in many different types, shapes, styles, and sizes. They are made to reduce a wide range of elements in water – from general particulate to odor, iron, arsenic, and many others. There are literally thousands of choices. American Aqua can help select the best filter or replacement cartridge for your application.Filters are selected based upon: manufacturer, system model, filter type, micron removal rating, and cartridge size. View our base selection photos to match your replacement type and pricing. If you do not see your filter cartridge type, please contact us. We can obtain practically any filter on the market, or get a similar replacement. We have one of the largest selections of filter cartridges and housings available. If you are not sure of your water condition or filter use, we can help you select the best filter for your area’s water condition.American Aqua also stocks media replacement for tank and whole house water filters. General media include:
  • Three types of activated carbon
  • Filter ag
  • Greensand
  • Birm
  • Gravel
  • Other types of aggregate media
We provide complete service for media extraction and replacement in residential, commercial, and industrial filter service applications.

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