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Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems

American Aqua System ERO 175

American Aqua
offers a variety of installed drinking water systems designed to remove contaminants from the water your family drinks. Installed drinking water systems can be tucked away under the kitchen counter or in the basement.

The perfect complement to an American Aqua water refiner or water softener for the water-conscious family is a reverse osmosis drinking water system. Our exclusive line of reverse osmosis water purifier systems are specifically designed to provide clean, clear, better-tasting drinking water by removing more than 95% of dissolved solids including many harmful contaminants. Now you can have bottle-quality water at your tap.

With an American Aqua RO system you get:

  • Three or four-stage water filtration.
  • Semi-permeable membranes to reject solids.
  • Specially formulated pre-and post-filters to reduce contaminants, eliminate odors, and improve taste.
  • Automatic shut-off to conserve water.
  • Optional electronic monitor to alert you when filters need changing.
  • Space-saving designs.

Reverse Osmosis Systems:

ERO 375

ERO 375 Reverse Osmosis

ERO 175

ERO 175

EPS 1000

EPS 1000

Here is how a Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Purifier works:

  1. Household water is directed through a pre-filter for filtration to remove sediment, chlorine taste and odor and particulate matter.
  2. The water is then forced, by pressure, through a semi-permeable membrane where a high percentage of the dissolved solids and other contaminants are rejected and flushed to the drain.
  3. A final polishing of the water is accomplished by an activated carbon absorption block filter removing tastes and odors. The water passes through this final filtering process immediately before going to the faucet whether it comes direct from the unit or from the storage tank.
  4. The automatic shut-off control shuts down the system when the storage tank is filled and water is not being drawn. This “demand production” feature conserves water by eliminating the constant running to the drain found in some units. The control also depressurizes the membrane when not in service extending the membrane life and reducing the need for maintenance of your reverse osmosis water purifier.

American Aqua offers a broad range of reverse osmosis purification systems including the ERO R375, a state-of-the-art reverse osmosis filter. These products reduce substances such as chlorine taste, sediment, nitrates, lead, cysts and detergents.

Choice of Faucet Styles

Nickel Reverse Osmosis Faucet
Oil Reverse Osmosis Faucet
Chrome Reverse Osmosis Faucet
White Reverse Osmosis Faucet

Environmentally Friendly

Bottled Water Facts

  • 38 million plastic bottles go to the dump every year in America
  • It takes plastic bottles 700 years to begin composting.
  • The price you pay for bottled water is 90% due to the bottle itself.
  • To produce a billion plastic bottles, 24 million gallons of oil are needed.
  • Not to remind you bottling and shipping water are not energy efficient methods either to supply your water.
  • What’s the second most popular beverage in the US? You got it.

Ratings and Certifications

  • Tested and Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 58 by NSF International.
  • Rated at 50 psi, 77F, 750 ppm/TDS, product to storage tank.
  • Product water produced, amount of waste water and percent rejection will vary with changes in pressure, temperature and total dissolved solids.
  • Tested by Spectrum Labs, Inc. a state certified testing laboratory.


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American Aqua is NSF Certified American Aqua has the WQA gold seal CE Seal | Water Softeners & Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water CE Logo | Water Filters and Filtration ISO Logo for American Aqua Michigan Water Quality Association EPA Certified Lead-Free


Real Local Reviews:


Audrey Greenwood
16:14 18 Sep 19
Diana McIntyre
15:53 17 Sep 19
Percy was super polite and efficient. He even helped me carry my groceries into my house.
Rick Painley
12:12 17 Sep 19
My wife said that Jason from Servisoft was punctual and polite. We had a complication during our installation as our well pump failed. (This was not due to anything Jason or Servisoft did. Just a coincidence.) Jason stayed while the pump was being fixed and then finished the installation of our tanks. We had water again by the end of the afternoon. My wife attempted to settle the bill and Jason said that we had had enough bills for one day. He will send an invoice. It’s not that we won’t have to pay the bill, but, it was an empathetic act by Jason to realize we had an unexpected expense and to delay the sting a few days. Thanks.
Scott M B Gustafson
17:07 16 Sep 19
Excellent service, ease of scheduling and on-time maintenance crew. Our water never tasted better!
Mindy Bermudez
16:42 14 Sep 19
Danny nib
18:27 13 Sep 19
Amanda Bracamonte
13:59 13 Sep 19
We were a bit hesitant at first with buying a new home and adding this extra want on our list but you will not be disappointed! When Johnny came to do his demonstration it all seemed great and he was telling us about how we would have super soft skin after showering with the eco water system and I didn't really believe him but wow! My skin hasn't felt so soft ever, and I'm so happy to finally have filtered water from the sink now too! Thanks Johnny!
Candice Channing
16:04 12 Sep 19
Tim is always helpful and is knowledgeable about what needs to be done with my service.
Allen L
15:58 12 Sep 19
Daniel Ross
20:14 11 Sep 19
Will came out today and tested our old system. He was extremely professional and polite. Gave us really good options. We have received excellent customer service from Servisoft and Will is a perfect example. Thank you Will!
Tom Schrantz
03:23 11 Sep 19
Gary moved our system from our old house to our newly built house and it was a flawless transition. You could tell that Gary knew precisely what he was doing. It was great to have a technician that we could trust. Not only was Gary extremely professional but very personable and polite as well. He made sure everything was in working order before he left. We would definitely recommend Gary and Superior Water to anyone. Tom and Donna Schrantz.
Kimberly Cowen
19:06 06 Sep 19
Jason is always very friendly and helpful when he comes to deliver salt. We would recommend American Aqua, theyve always been great to deal with.
19:04 05 Sep 19
Great service - The delivery is consistent and the driver is always friendly and professional.
Darren Barnhill
01:33 05 Sep 19
I live in the neighborhood, and stopped here to get water in anticipation of the hurricane. For $.25/Gallon, you can fill jugs on the front of the building. The water tastes great, and I didn't have to stand in long lines. Thanks!
Willie Coleman
01:18 05 Sep 19
I was a bit nervous about having this water unit installed. Oz showed up to install the the unit and put all those worries to ease. He was very professional. I had a number of different questions and some I asked twice. Oz took the time out to answer and explain each of his answers and addressed my concerns. He was very personable and knowledgeable about his profession. Look at his work, you can tell he takes great pride in what he does. If you are looking to get some great work done, you should request him to do the job. Thank you, Oz.
Kim Trutza
18:27 04 Sep 19
The technician did a wonderful job explaining everything. He was very knowledgeable and friendly. I would highly recommend this company.
Irmgard Alejandro
23:31 30 Aug 19
Gary did an amazing job installing our Ecowater Treatment equipment today. We requested a new configuration in order to treat the entire home with the water softener. This required Gary to work in a very confined crawl space under our home. After 6 tireless hours (including a run into town for more supplies), the installation was complete! Gary’s attention to detail and skilled workmanship was outstanding! He remained cheerful and attentive to our requests throughout the installation. We would surely recommend Gary to family and friends!! He’s a keeper!!!
Susan Talley
22:22 30 Aug 19
Josh came at 5:00 on Friday afternoon before Labor Day to service our system. He showed an excellent attitude about coming for a service call at that time. He carefully checked the system and quickly assessed and corrected the problem. I am happy to know our system is efficiently working again. Thank you, Josh!
Russell A. Avery
22:18 28 Aug 19
Irene Adler
15:01 28 Aug 19
Incredible old school company! They know water inside and out -- reasonably priced, courteous, professional, knowledgeable, amazing! Joe and Dave are the best.
Keith Ruffner
13:48 28 Aug 19
Dave can out for a service call and he was fantastic!!!! He was prompt, knowledgeable, and most important, he was honest with what needed done. I would recommend Dave and Servisoft of Middlefield to anyone.
Willie R
20:10 22 Aug 19
Robert Davis
17:47 22 Aug 19
Excellent service and knowledge of products.
Holly Gibbs
17:39 21 Aug 19
Josh was my technician. He was thorough and took care of some debris that had gotten inside of the unit. He took time to answer my questions and never seemed impatient. He was very professional.
Dan Hardin
16:30 21 Aug 19
Don Parce
20:00 17 Aug 19
Richard explained the system clearly without too much sales fluff. We had tried a non-salt conditioner 3 years ago, but unfortunately it didn't really remove the minerals no stop the deposits and spots. Gary installed our system, working hard to get the drain line out of sight. They have a good team!
Larry Dicks
13:14 17 Aug 19
All of your water treatment needs
Mauricio Reyes
22:34 16 Aug 19
Water taste natural I love it.
andy Barker
15:51 13 Aug 19
I was shocked to see how little our pur filter removed. Very professional and Scott explained what we needed, the pricing, but what I appreciated the most is that I never felt pressured into buying or renting the reverse osmosis or filtration on our main water line. I can't thank him enough. You really need to have them out to check your water. Testing is free, yes FREE!!!
elizabeth garrett
16:45 09 Aug 19
Provisions Farm
14:29 09 Aug 19
Best tasting water in the county!! Don't waste your time anywhere else
Julian Dean
01:30 09 Aug 19
I have used Advanced Water Solutions and their Reverse Osmosis equipment in my home for over two decades. The owner, Jay, has always been great to work with, and his staff are skilled, professional, and easy to talk with. Tim recently performed the annual service on my equipment, and like Alanzo, he knows what he is doing and is happy to explain it all to me. One of the great things about their equipment is that it is a huge water saver because it uses a lot less to make the RO water than other equipment available. I have referred Advanced to family and friends all over the Santa Barbara and Ventura areas and like me, they stay with Jay and Advanced for years.
Angel Albor
22:26 08 Aug 19
Suzanne Krisak
20:48 08 Aug 19
Jason is wonderful! He works very hard, looks and acts profession and is always smiling. Also he is very nice. He always puts my water in my closet for me; he engages in light conversation with me....sometimes the only person I might talk to that day. He makes my day!
Chandra Collins
19:11 08 Aug 19
We love our water system! The water is so good that my daughters turned it into popsicles and happy munched away! No flavoring.. I'm saying they were totally thrilled with ice on a stick and thought it was delicious! Lol. Gary, Jeff, and Alex were all awesome through the installation process. No regrets here!
Oziel Vargas
22:22 07 Aug 19
John Stifel
21:47 07 Aug 19
Angel did a fantastic job checking our system and making minor adjustments to improve efficiency. Thank you Angel.
Bryan Stowe
20:13 07 Aug 19
I had an issue with my water treatment system. I called Nick after hours. He returned my call promptly. I wasn't able to resolve the issue on my own. So I called the next morning to schedule service. They were able to accommodate me the same day and within the timeframe I requested. Dave came out for the service call. What a gentleman! He was very knowledgeable and informative. He let me hang out and pick his brain. It was an absolute pleasure to meet Dave. Thanks again Servisoft!
Melissa Goforth
18:37 07 Aug 19
We had Superior Water Treatment come to our home over a month ago. They did a great job in helping me and my husband understand how the water quality in AZ isn't the greatest! They didn't sell, just provided us with the information and then asked what we wanted to do. We saw the need and how much an Ecowater System could improve our water quality, so we signed up. The installer did a great job. Gary was careful, courteous, and after the install, everything looked great! We love having the clean water for drinking, doing the dishes, laundry--all of it. Totally worth it for us.
jin seh Jeon
17:32 07 Aug 19
Oz was professional in every way and got the job done in the way we loved and in perfect working wayHope to work with him whenever possible.
Craig Barker
20:05 03 Aug 19
heinz limmer
23:51 02 Aug 19
Service man was very friendly
Richard Campolei
12:37 01 Aug 19
Great from start to finish. Charles Savage was very Professional and spent Three hours explaining everything to Us. I was only planing to get the Reverse Osmosis system but after seeing the results of the test I when with both the R O and the whole house system. Robert who did the install was also tops he explained everything as He was doing the install . I would highly recommend This company.
Amy Hicks
22:56 31 Jul 19
Jimmy Vineyard
20:53 29 Jul 19
Thomas Reece
19:39 29 Jul 19
James Eagan
19:17 29 Jul 19
Melanie Harris
16:05 29 Jul 19
Lobo Tran
15:38 29 Jul 19
fast service and installation was very professional
Manuel Rocha
21:44 23 Jul 19
Oz was great, friendly and knowledgeable! Installation was fast, no mess. Oz took the time to explain the process of installation and the benefits of placements. Highly recommend.
Wendi Phillips
16:42 17 Jul 19
The first installation of the water system was not installed properly; however, they came out very quickly and fixed the problem immediately. Great customer service! The system itself took a while to see the difference in the water quality, but now that it has been running for a few months, the system works great and we absolutely love it. It makes all the difference in water quality. The soaps and cleaners provided work really well too. A few water spots are still left, but I believe as the system works on the interior plumbing it will continue to get better and better. I highly recommend this water system.
Marion Helphrey
14:12 17 Jul 19
I take back my previous glowing review. After 20 plus years as a loyal customer, I am sad to say that things have really changed. So very disappointed. Time to move on. Either must have changed owners or the owner has retired.
Leona Linton
22:22 16 Jul 19
Our technician, Angel, was fantastic! He was professional and knowledgeable. Angel went above and beyond our expectations and we are glad that we chose this company.
Christopher Hill
20:28 15 Jul 19
Gail Harris
21:28 12 Jul 19
Everyone I dealt with at Servisoft were friendly and accommodating. Mike is very knowledgeable about water and worked with me to achieve the best possible water treatment system for my needs. Duane did a great job in installing and starting up my system. I chose Servisoft for several reasons but mostly for what their name stands for, Service!
Superior Water
15:39 12 Jul 19
Kalani Kanae
04:34 12 Jul 19
I was very pleased with the level of professionalism that Gary displayed. Gary's knowledge exceeded my expectations, his performance was very professional. When the work was completed, its was like nothing was disturbed. Everything was back in it's original form. Gary explained everything to us very clearly and showed us everything we will need to do and expect. Thank you very much Gary, your performance exceeded our expectations.
George Cottay
18:59 11 Jul 19
After bad customer service experiences with a major competitor we changed to a Superior drinking water system. The sales process was straightforward and installer Alex was thorough and professional. When an unrelated plumbing issue arose he worked with his service manager to make sure it was addressed. Top marks all around.
John Ryan
03:41 11 Jul 19
We had our system installed on June 27, 2019. We previously used Zero Water and it worked great but when the water is as bad as we have in Tucson we were going through filters regularly at a significant cost. We contacted Eco-Water through Costco and has an analysis performed and honestly was not surprised. We did not originally purchase on that day because of the investment, but checking around specifically on warranty and after the sale service we came back to Eco-Water. We had an absolutely magnificent installer Mr. Oz Vargas. He arrived on-site ready to work. We told him where we were told the system had to go and he paused thought about it and asked where the attic access was. After a short period he asked us if we would mind placing the softener next to the water heater and we informed him that was were we wanted it. He response was simple - Done. He was professional during the entire process, answered questions during the entire process in simple terms. He told us our water main water line was a 1" pipe and he did not want to reduce the size down so he purchased the correct hardware to retain the 1" pipe through-out. He clearly did not have to do this but being the professional he is, he said it was the right thing to do. Once he had the system installed he went through the operation and numerous options available to include the web access. Next, was the Reverse Osmosis (RO) system. He confirmed we had the proper connectivity to our refrigerator and did the install. He found a fitting that was deemed poor and recommended we change it to prevent any problems later. Again, the trait of a caring, professional. He drained the RO tank multiple times, checked every fitting on 'ALL' the items he touched twice to make absolutely sure there were no leaks and then gave us his Professional Seal of Approval. Mr. Oz Vargas is an outstanding installer, clearly an expert in his field, very professional, polite, focused and dedicated to absolute customer satisfaction. If you are looking for quality, and willing to pay for it I would recommend Eco-Water and if you want the best you need to specifically ask for Mr. Oz Vargas to be your technician / installer, you won't regret it.
Belinda Moore
00:04 10 Jul 19
Will was great! Really appreciated him coming out and checking our softener and doing the water tests. He made recommendations for our pipes and our water heater to improve the water even more. Thank you so much! Would definitely recommend Aqua Soft!
Alicia Mendoza
01:30 09 Jul 19
Michael Valentino
14:04 08 Jul 19
Professional through out the entire process from the first estimate into the installation. The installation tech Duane was great and left no mess. He also gave us great instructions on how to use the new softner.
Donna Peterson
01:27 08 Jul 19
Excellent customer service and product! We are thrilled and especially appreciated Ed and Gary, both are friendly, knowledgeable, and helped us make the best decisions for our needs. Thank you!
22:04 03 Jul 19
We have rented a softner and had our salt delivered for years. Great company to do business with.
Reba Basso
21:15 03 Jul 19
We have a water softener and an H2O2 system for our water. We've always had good response and great customer service with Great Water.
Brett Hoover
20:49 02 Jul 19
Literally the best home maintenance water-/plumbing-related vendor I have ever worked with. THESE FOLKS ARE AMAZING! Super helpful, caring, and responsive. I'm a customer for life.
Victor Sutton
19:09 30 Jun 19
Honest people.
Christine Messer
16:40 28 Jun 19
Gary installed our new Soft water system this week. We love the results!He and his team were professional and did a Fantastic job cleaning up their mess. I would highly recommend this company for your water needs.
Vivian Colon
13:21 28 Jun 19
Punctual, polite, effecient.
dorella McCary
22:18 27 Jun 19
service was prompt and Duane was friendly, quick and helpful. I was surprised the echowater system was still in good shape after 20 years. Duane assured me that we could get many more years. but the system is slow to empty tank. Thanks EchoWater
Suzanne Rivas
23:49 25 Jun 19
Great installation team! Installed explained everything and knew answers to all our questions. The guys were knowledgeable, professional, courteous and personable, thanks for an easy experience from purchase to install!I was a sales manager for years, I just lost the salesperson do his "dog and pony show" even th ough I though it was a little disingenuous but I always liked to see what skills a salesperson has...some of the so called tests , I feel, are Not necessary when you already have a very good product! Just an opinion for a 20 year sales manager. Anyway, again, thanks to all for a great experience ce and good product!
Marion Fowler
20:42 25 Jun 19
Will did an awesome job. He immediately seen the issue and went to work and had the issue fixed in no time. There was no goofing around straight to work .... And the price was fair as well. I definitely call Aqua soft again when needed.
11:57 25 Jun 19
Kerry Murphy
23:42 24 Jun 19
Josh and Chris came thru in the crunch!! Their diligence and attentiveness is unmatched. Aqua Systems employs a good group, and I would advise anyone in the market for water filtration to give these guys the first look!!
Carlita Lopez
01:22 24 Jun 19
We heard about Superior Water Treatment at the Home Show on April 2019. An in house appointment was made and demo sold the product. Despite that our home has a complicated water system configuration, customer service, and technician-installer OZ, came forward and provided an awesome solution. The technician, Mr. Oz Vargas, was very helpful, explained every step of the installation and how the entire system works. The installation was flawless, clean, and professionally done. Oz suggestions on how to position the equipment at the kitchen was of great value. The installation was an excellent experience.
Chad Pitts
14:10 22 Jun 19
We have an older water system from them that they still maintain at the house we are currently living in that we have thoroughly enjoyed but we are moving soon and will have to leave it behind. We will leave the old system but not aqua systems. Once we get moved into our new house we plan on getting the reverse osmosis system installed right away. My wife absolutely loves the taste of the water and even more importantly to her is how wonderful it is for her hair. You know the saying happy wife happy life. If you're thinking that these systems are way too expensive for you then you haven't looked at how affordable they are now. They used to be much more expensive but the prices have come down so dramatically that it's affordable to anyone with a little extra cash and it would be a great present for the wife. The only thing to match the great products that aqua systems has is the great service they provide. Aqua systems will be in my house for years to come and no doubt if you try them you won't regret it.
Mollie Everett
20:06 21 Jun 19
Josh was very professional and respectful. He provided excellent service!
Melissa Spidle
18:07 21 Jun 19
Josh was very helpful, polite and knowledgeable. Aqua Systems always does a great job with maintaining our water system.
11:55 21 Jun 19
Anthony Giangiordano
20:18 20 Jun 19
lena plancon
16:22 20 Jun 19
Sharonda Bolen
18:36 19 Jun 19
Best water drinking systems. For humans that care what they put in their bodies, especially water it's worth money. Think of your health and the health of your family.
Pat Phillips
15:18 13 Jun 19
Angelo was did an awesome job fixing my watersoftener - courtesy and on time - extremely helpful and answered my questions - I'll ask for him next time.
r vix
14:35 13 Jun 19
Don and percy have us great service. Very knowledgeable, honest, and courteous. We appreciated the fact they were on time and took time to explain problems. Very professional company and employees. Our water has never been better. We highly reccomend American aqua for home water treatment.
Joan h
11:12 13 Jun 19
Will and Duane gave excellent service. My water filtration system is the best. I had another issue happen from something not related to filtration system, Servisoft, as a company overall, were quick to answer my questions and come out. They fixed the problem, that was not their responsibility to do, but did it because they cared. They did the right thing: Helped. I can say so much more on how they are very good people but don't have enough space to write it all. We thank you, esp Will and Duane so much.
Melessa Williams
10:40 07 Jun 19
This is the first time I have had a water softener and Wilquin patiently answered all my questions. I am happy to do business with Aqua Soft.
Susan Maddox
22:01 05 Jun 19
I had a terrific experience with this company and the technician. He was on time and kept me up to date with his timeline. Very courteous
John Cammareri
14:24 05 Jun 19
Consistent and courteous.
Candice Cobb
20:55 30 May 19
Carter from aqua systems came to my house to install a reverse osmosis system in my kitchen and a UV filter for our well water. He was friendly, extremely professional, and did an amazing job... taking his time to make sure the system was in correctly, hooked up to my refrigerator and was not leaking. I couldn’t be happier with the service. Thank you!
Roy Caffey
18:48 29 May 19
Had a great experience purchasing and getting installed a new tankless water heater. Everyone was courteous and professional. Highly recommend!
Lisa Ehrnman
06:20 29 May 19
Advanced Water Solutions is by far the only water softener company I would ever use! The customer service is excellent and exceeded all of my expectations! Our water softener was installed within an hour and the water is fantastic! I would recommend this company to my best friend, my neighbors, my family and anyone who likes good customer service and an excellent finished product!Thank you Advanced Water Solutions!
Steve Meyer
19:08 28 May 19
Love getting our water from Great Water. They provide prompt delivery and excellent customer service. Whenever we need to make a change, they are right on it. Plus no hidden fees like the "other guys" like to charge.
Samantha Jourdan
18:56 28 May 19
Gary came out this morning and I couldn’t be happier with the experience. He was professional and very patient with my children, especially my son who wanted to “help” him install our water treatment. It was great to meet you Gary! Thank you again.
Julie Gann
15:27 26 May 19
Good water
Trevor Gilbert
13:18 24 May 19
Shawn Teague
21:05 22 May 19
Oz came out to do our installation and he was fantastic! We had a few questions about the placement of the unit and he guided us through our options with real-world advice and experience. We wouldn't hesitate to work with him again. Now we have to get some time with our new water softener but we're excited for some big improvements. Thanks guys!
Perri Waguespack
18:19 22 May 19
Wil came out and did a great job installing our water system. He explained everything we needed to know about it. Great Job
Greg & June Golden
22:44 20 May 19
Gary did a great job. I was concerned about where the system was going to be located and how it would look. Great professional installation. Thank you.
Larry Robinson
16:54 19 May 19
My overall experience with Aqua Systems of Alabama was great. The installer Carter arrived on time and completed the install in a couple of hours. The install itself was nice and neat and placed right where I wanted it. So far the family is enjoying the change to soft water. It's an investment people!
Ann Van Cleve
23:16 17 May 19
I must say, I am very happy with my new water system. Advanced Water Solutions has been a wonderful experience. From the sales, by Paul and the installation by Timothy. Both of them were extremely nice and personable. Also, there is Paulette in the office that was very helpful to any question(s) I have had and feel comfortable calling with any in the future. So keep up the great job! I will recommend this company to friends and family.
17:52 17 May 19
They have done a decent job over the years.
Rose Dale
19:16 15 May 19
One thing I don't have to remember...great that Aqua Soft comes out every couple of months to check salt level and add what's needed...
scott junkins
18:45 14 May 19
Bill K
15:39 14 May 19
Good service, on time and friendly.
mack chappell
15:28 14 May 19
Carter is very efficient ,he got the job done quickly and past on information about the water pressure to me I did not know thanks for telling me.l am very happy using Aqua Systems no complaints.
Debby Rosser
21:31 10 May 19
Carter Johnson impressed us. I will request him every time I call Aqua Systems. He is into details just like me. I appreciate his dedication to making sure the job was done correctly! Good man
Drew McDonald
16:54 10 May 19
Cheryl Foster
01:24 09 May 19
I see how this company gets its name. Our installer, Gary, was superior and exceeded all expectations in every way. We ran into a problem with an electrical outlet not working, so he let us borrow his extension cord until the electrician can come out. And he called the electrician to arrange for a service call. Also, he showed me what he was doing every step of the way so I was informed throughout the installation. I would not hesitate to recommend this company! Thank you!
Kathie C. Jones
19:08 04 May 19
Aqua Systems is awesome!!! I had been worried about our water for some time. Scott Pilkerton came out and tested the tap water, Pur filter water and bottled water. They were ALL BAD!!! High chlorine, much more than required to disinfect, fluoride which is carcinogenic and many more substances that are harmful to our bodies. I didn't think I could do it right now but we can't afford not to do it!! I did the finance route and my payment is very reasonable. The reverse osmosis filter under the sink makes the best tasting water!!! Its like a whole different drink! I know I'm not absorbing harmful chemicals from the water I shower or bathe in. If you look up Dr Mercola and his articles on our regular water (I'm on city water) he says taking a bubble bath is like soaking in a pool of toxins!! After reading that I couldn't enjoy my soaks!! And I need my epsom soaks for my bones!! The installers, Carter Johnson and his partner were professional, LICENSED!, efficient and explained everything to me. I've thrown good money away before using 'plumbers' that cost me because they screwed things up so bad. Always ask to see their license! Cierra in the office is sweet and very helpful. You can't go wrong with this system or company. Water is one big thing that will become huge in the future! If not already! Thank you Pelham Aqua Systems!!
Beverley Sharpe
21:28 03 May 19
When I read our municipal water company’s disclosure about the chemicals added to ensure our city water is safe, I was concerned about the monochloramine (which is a combination of chlorine and ammonia). My husband was on board with filtering our water and trusted Advanced Water Solutions because he knew some their satisfied customers. We chose an AWS125 water softener with a whole-house carbon filter. Alonso did our installation and he was terrific. His work was impeccable and he clearly explained what he was doing and how the system worked. After the installation, Alonso tested the water, which we watched, explained the results and patiently answering our questions. We are thoroughly satisfied with the complete filtration system.
Percy Street
19:36 02 May 19
Matt Garreffa
15:51 02 May 19
I have had a great experience since we had our system installed in Dec. 2018. The service and response time to questions that have come up have been great. The Superior Water Treatment team has helped me along the way to take time to educate me on our new system. Recently, Gary came out to fix an item that was brought to my attention by my neighbor. Although the item was not an issue on my end Gary took the time to make sure both my neighbor and myself were happy with the outcome. Gary was a pleasure to work with and did a great job solving the item. Appreciate all the assistance and you have a good team at Superior Water Treatment!
Lynette Arriola
23:28 26 Apr 19
We are very happy with the service we received from start to finish. All the reps were very nice and knowledgeable. Only thing I have to say is I wish we didn’t wait so long to get a water system-
Carole Hendershott
21:21 26 Apr 19
I don’t know if this company has changed hands or what..... We had their system installed several years ago and were very satisfied with the system and have kept up with yearly check ups,etc. BUT recently the small drinking water faucet they installed began to loosen, and loosen, and loosen. Fearing a flood when I wasn’t looking, I called to ask for someone to come and fix it and was informed that it would cost $100 to have some come and if we didn’t like that we could take a pliers and just fix it ourselves. Well, I tried to do that although it entailed crawling up under the sink (I am 79 years old) only to discover that there is no easy way to grab and turn anything....... So, despite their claim for wonderful service I felt the need to warn others that, in fact, their service is NOT SO WONDERFUL. So unless you like working with pliers and drawl under sinks, you might do better to shop around.I take it all back!!!!! I was contacted by the company and they related how this had happened, apologized, and said I would be contacted about an appointment to set up an appointment. I was called the same day, an appointment was made, the repair was made. Mistakes happen! And I am glad to say Superior Water was Superior and took care of the problem. I am back to thinking they are a great company and I would encourage you to do business with them!
Carole Hendershott
20:51 26 Apr 19
I am retracting my posting made earlier. In it I complained about lack of service on a faucet. Well, the company got in touch with me and assured me that they do indeed stand behind their product and installments, and, that the problem developed through a mistake made at the local office, they stand behind their products, and that the mistake would be corrected and the faucet fixed, WHICH THEY DID PROMPTLY. All is well and I would now encourage you to deal with Superior Water Company. They stand behind their good name, handle a good product, and will support their customers. They deserve the 4 stars I am now giving them!
Joe Hart
17:44 25 Apr 19
Jason did a great job repairing and servicing our water system.
Zoe elektra Karatzas
02:12 25 Apr 19
We have been struggling with some subtle issues and thought nothing of it for 8 years. Seems like even when I cleaned the house wasn’t clean. The sinks would smell. I have skin problems when I didn’t. My appliances we’re having issues. My dishes had spots. And there was a musty smell in my home. I purchased bottled water. Anthony came to our home and honestly I didn’t think we were going to buy the system. Anthony demonstrated what was happening and why. We have hard water. And he showed us what happens when hard water and cleansers join-soap scum. My dishes, floors, hair, skin had soap scum build up. Yuck!! The minerals are clogging our appliances. After Anthony’s thorough and informative presentation, we decided to go ahead and do it. Leo came out to our home and installed the system. Super nice and friendly. He did a nice clean job. Pretty quick too. Polite. He went over the system with us. Anthony has been in contact with us to check on us. I told him how happy we are. My glasses are spotless. I use less shampoo and conditioner to wash my hair and my hair is more manageable. My home smells better!! I think the mineral deposits were giving off a musty scent. Now, I am spring cleaning everything! Big difference. And the water tastes great. Very happy. Highly recommend this company and the team!
George Yarolin
00:34 25 Apr 19
Great service- Always helpful to the home owner.
Grazyna Bogdan
00:10 24 Apr 19
Last night William Gabriel spent several hours with myself and my husband explaining the benefits of the Eco Water filtration sysrem.He was extremely knowledgeable and answered all our questions, in a most patient and professional matter. Every business should have a Will working for them as he is really a dynamic individual.Can't wait to get our Eco Water Filtration installed - rhanks again Will.
Larry Rowen
18:30 23 Apr 19
Gary was very polite and we were very pleased with his knowledge .
Diego Sanabria
17:52 23 Apr 19
Tim came out to fix our water softener within hours of me calling and fixed the problem, quickly and efficiently! We ended up upgrading to a new water osmosis/carbon filter! Tim is so knowledgeable, kind, easy to talk to and I truly felt he cares in making sure we have clean water to drink! I am so glad we switched to Advanced Water Solutions for our drinking water and look forward to having cleaner, better tasting water... on top of the water softener that Tim rushed out to make sure was working properly. I feel confident in this company and I hope Tim's boss realizes they have a Gem of an employee, that represents you guys SO well!
Eldrick LOFTON
18:48 22 Apr 19
Have used their services off and on since renting water softener equipment in 1996. Recently I bought a water cooler with regular water delivery. When Mike delivers, he always asks if I need him to lift the 5 gal. bottle on. On a good day I can manage but there are times when I truly appreciate his thoughtfulness. Great company, Great people.
Gary Rutledge
23:13 18 Apr 19
Rick did the install of our New Water System today he was in and out in less time than was scheduled, explained how to operate the system to me he was friendly and helpful. Thanks Rick!
Vicki Martin
17:54 18 Apr 19
The installer was friendly and polite. He was clean and efficient when he installed the unit. He finished quickly and left the kitchen looking perfect. He put the unit exactly where we wanted it. I could not be happier with the service!
Richard Haehnlein
16:12 18 Apr 19
Very prompt and spot on service. Would tell and have told people to call and use them for their systems
michael Cassebaum
16:06 18 Apr 19
Very friendly and great service. The tech that came was knowledgeable, provided great work and answered questions.
Kelly Johnson
18:24 17 Apr 19
Happy all the way around. Anthony was very thorough and even helped us with a small emergency. Installation went fast. Water is clean and delicious!! Thanks
Hollis Martin
16:35 17 Apr 19
Jason, the technician was prompt, polite and efficient.
Patrick Bailey
14:08 17 Apr 19
Aqua Systems came out and gave me a reasonable and fair estimate. The initial install was a little rocky but after speaking with them they came back out as soon as possible. Technician Carter Johnson did not leave until everything was done to high standards. I am well pleased with the product and service!
Joanna Diaz
19:59 16 Apr 19
My technician Gary did a great job installing my new softener. He answered questions very easily and did not mind a very pleasant person. Thank you Joanna 😎
Jimmy Leffler
17:09 16 Apr 19
As a regular customer, have always had a great experience from scheduling to service. Duane is always efficient and answers all of my questions on the spot
Nancy Robinson
16:33 16 Apr 19
Great great company, so nice to deal with. Always here when they are suppose to be. Laura in the office is very helpful and Jason the delivery guy is just the BEST. I couldn't be more pleased. Jason is just so nice and is eager to PLEASE ALWAYS
Madelyn Ketterman
05:34 15 Apr 19
dale is the best as far as service, reliability and trustworthiness. A fine work ethic
Sedona Lippert
03:50 15 Apr 19
Had our water softener for about a month now. Spotless dishes, clean skin, and impeccable drinking water!
Matt Bandit
04:23 13 Apr 19
Awesome! The woman on the phone was super helpful and very nice.
Randall Griner
20:04 12 Apr 19
Carter was very courteous and knowledgeable, did a good job.
Janice Lally
18:36 12 Apr 19
Anthony was personable, knowledgable about the product and efficient at arranging a quick installation date> His presentation was detailed and an eye opener concerning the quality of the water that we drink and use daily. Can't wait to begin enjoying it.
16:10 12 Apr 19
We needed a replacement water softener for the house and found them in Costco. We setup an Appt and they came to the house. They tested the tap water, filtered water from the refrigerator, bathroom sink, water from our water dispenser (5 gal jugs) and our tap water after it was filtered through their mini demo system. We were shocked by all the "stuff" in our tap water. After a thorough explanation of the system, we committed. Installation was set about a week after. Gary (installer) was professional and polite. He had to create a hole in the countertop for the RO system (clean install) and also connected our fridge so that we have 2 sources. After installation, he explained everything about the system. We're glad that we have better water now and are happy with the system.
Deborah Parker
20:03 11 Apr 19
I just had my system installed. I bought my house last October and have several improvements done. All the jobs until today were stressful, with jobs not completed on time, installers not showing up, etc. I am delighted by the service I got today! Ozzy, my installer, arrived at 8 in an 8-10 window of time. He was totally prepared, obviously very familiar with his job. He had to dig up my pipe to the water main shutoff (which is not inside the house due to its age) and run piping. He had to move a cabinet to make room for the filtering device. He was unfailingly polite, was careful to explain everything to me about the systems I had installed. When Ozzy left, I had no idea where the trench had been dug and everything was cleaned up inside and out. It was like he was never here. I highly recommend Superior Water Treatment. They carry quality products and certainly use quality people to install them.
Joe Jonas
03:25 07 Apr 19
Purchased it through Costco representation. Danni, the salesman was a friendly person, not pushy. Installation by Oz went without a hitch, in fact he cleaned up plumbing I didn't like at the water main where the pool autofill and a hose connection is located nicely. Initial impression is excellent.
joe cassano
01:55 07 Apr 19
Excellent from start to finish!!!!. We could not be more satisfied.Oz Vargas who installed our water softener not only did and outstanding job but was extremely courteous and knowledgable. He had time for our questions during the installation and took his time explaining the systemafter the installation. Oz is truly the wizard of Superior Water Systems installation and customer satisfaction!!! Thanks Oz!
Geoffrey Culbertson
22:49 02 Apr 19
C J came and installed my new water softener and it was fast and efficient. He even cleaned it up so it took up less space then the old unit. Excellent job and great service. I am a happy customer.
Gail Jones
18:50 02 Apr 19
Oz Vargas installed my water treatment equipment today. He was professional yet friendly. He did a beautiful job even taking out the hot water heater. He explained everything and left the area clean and neat. I certainly would recommend him. Ed K. Is an excellent salesman and Oz Vargas, an excellent installer! I’m looking forward to enjoying clean water in my home!
Nikisha Thomas
14:27 02 Apr 19
Friendly staff and good quality water
Connie Haack
13:18 01 Apr 19
Dave has been coming to my home to service our Stenner Chlorinator and provide maintenance to our system for quite a few years. He is always on time, very professional and provides us with helpful information to keep our system running flawlessly. Its great to have a familiar face show up with each visit. He answers all our questions along with providing helpful hints to extend the life of our filters and improve the quality of our water.
Andrew Fronczek
01:32 01 Apr 19
Fast service. Dale is an exceptional delivery and service technician! We appreciate his conscientious work ethic.
02:18 31 Mar 19
Need a water softener for my new home and found them in Costco. Warning.... They will come to your house and say they waive installation if you commit that day. Depending on your budget and needs, you will want to do your comparison shopping early. 3 stars for consulting although the guy was nice. Installation... Oscar was wonderful. Professional polite,, explained it all and let me know how it would work as the way my water connects to home is complicated. He left the property as he found it - cleaned up well and explained to me how the entire system works. Excellent experience and 5 stars for him. (tip: ask for a Saturday and you'll get him as he's a contractor. I will likely use him for other plumbing needs)
18:46 29 Mar 19
I called in with so many questions about water softeners & Misty was so helpful & patient. She is a 5 star employee! Great job!!
Wendy Reed
13:34 29 Mar 19
The technician, Angelo was well-informed and patient. He took the time to explain the system. And as a new homeowner, the information will be very helpful going forward. He was polite and kind. I will continue to use AquaSource and recommend them to all my neighbors and friends.
Julie Albrecht
02:02 28 Mar 19
Incredible customer service. They call monthly to check if we need a delivery of salt and if we need anything else. Salt is delivered to our garage as needed. They service our water softener and keep it working appropriately!
Mark Cormier
21:20 27 Mar 19
I highly recommend Superior Water Treatment. Extremely knowledgeable sales staff that were very helpful. Our installation tech, Oz, explained the entire installation before he started. Clean, neat and great looking installation was performed. I’ve not seen customer service support at this level from very many companies like this company. Other places could learn a great deal from this entire staff.
Paul Edwards
20:12 27 Mar 19
Duane is very professional and answered all questions.My wife and I are very satisfied with his services thanks again
Judy Gias
11:29 27 Mar 19
Diane was very good and pleasant. Explain ed to me what he was doing.
CJ Michael
22:29 26 Mar 19
Mark Pratali
21:54 26 Mar 19
Great service and system installation. A+
Brian De Guia
14:41 24 Mar 19
Richard - sales/demo - knowledgeable and very thorough. Answered all our questions and then some. Jeff/Val - installers - wow, what a great job. The setup for our home was less than ideal but they were able to make it work. Very clean work. Quick turn-around, even for our setup. Answered all our questions. Love the system. Couple of suggestions - on top of the sales/demo appointment, it would be helpful for the installers to look at the site and provide a real world scenario to the installation. Additionally, a post install visit would be good to test the effectiveness of the water softener.All in all, still 5/5 stars. I would highly recommend using Costco/Superior Water Treatment for demo/purchasing/installation.
20:27 23 Mar 19
Oz came out to install our water refiner as well as the reverse osmosis system. He was very professional and made sure installation was perfect, even using his leveler to make the copper pipes straight. He perform the installation pretty quickly and efficiently. His soldering job was excellent. Also made sure our fridge was able to dispense the filtrated water from the reverse osmosis system. Literally the wizard of Oz.
Joshua Gould
14:16 23 Mar 19
Scheduled an appointment to fix an issue with a residual water softener that came with the house we bought. The technician correctly diagnosed the issue and made recommendations for solutions. Technician, Robby, was even willing to install a replacement unit on the weekend when it was convenient for us. Consummate pro, Robby worked efficiently and effectively to get things back up and running. Definitely recommend for home water softener/filter work.
hawks88 lander
19:55 22 Mar 19
icrindians Club
17:04 22 Mar 19
Corey Martin
14:41 21 Mar 19
Margaret Terrion
22:44 20 Mar 19
Jason was great and very helpful. Thanks!
Mary Jane Ticknor
21:14 19 Mar 19
Lee Pozek
12:23 19 Mar 19
Herbert Haller
01:20 14 Mar 19
Dale was great; very personable; remembered installing water softener a few years earlier.
Joe Stenger
20:54 13 Mar 19
Tammy Strickland
21:23 12 Mar 19
Daniel Rivas
19:21 12 Mar 19
Matthew Williams
19:22 11 Mar 19
Will came out and explained Aqua Soft's products and process. Everything was done professionally, on-time and as agreed to.
carolyn m gregory
14:26 09 Mar 19
Customer service and the techs are wonderful
Desertwash Prospector
01:52 09 Mar 19
Oz Vargas did an awesome install. He finished the job and explained everything. He was able to make a smooth install in my complicated old house with ease.
Colin White
02:06 08 Mar 19
End-to-end service, installation, and warranty. More expensive than some places but a definite deal when you consider the whole package.Installed a whole-home filter, softener, and reverse osmosis finisher for under the sink. Very satisfied.
Charlotte Mckinney
00:30 07 Mar 19
I gave you a 10 because you were on time you are honest you are very professional
Ken Klein
16:38 05 Mar 19
Duane has been our technician the two times we've had to service the softener your company installed in 2006. He's efficient, knowledgeable, friendly and honest. He's an asset to your company. I hope you're paying him well. He deserves it.
13:54 05 Mar 19
Rachel Bundt
12:57 05 Mar 19
I requested an estimate for a water softener system. Wil arrived when he said he would. He was professional, efficient, and answered all of my questions. Their price is also competitive. I was very satisfied with the experience.
Mary Weinhauer
01:37 05 Mar 19
Erma Armstead
23:27 03 Mar 19
Fast, friendly Professional Service
Chris Chappell
14:15 02 Mar 19
Kim Segedy
21:20 28 Feb 19
Dale from Servisoft is very through and informative!
Tom Sasgen
18:40 28 Feb 19
Tim McCoy
01:55 27 Feb 19
Sharron Burge
21:12 25 Feb 19
Servisoft of Middlefield recently installed my new water system. Joe did a great job.Its so nice to have soft clear water that doesnt smell bad!! Thanks, Joe, and Servisoft!!
Sean Brennan
20:52 22 Feb 19
Jason did a great job on the installation on my water softner.
Brian Harris
10:04 22 Feb 19
Great service, great price, and great installation. Also we could tell a different in the water after the install. Will use them again at my next house.
Chad Sill
00:33 22 Feb 19
Will. Came out to our home i could not of asked for a more professional experience. Before anything was done he tested the water. Took time out of his day to educate me on many questions that i had. He made sure I had the right equipment delivered to my house the next day and it is running perfect I would refer you guys to anybody thank you will and thank you Aqua soft!
EC Meehan
20:59 19 Feb 19
Competitive pricing, knowledgeable employees. Wil explained water testing process, and went over all of options. Installation was done very well and Angelo went over how the machine operates. Overall this was a great experience. I am recommending Aqua Soft to my neighbors!
James McVeigh
14:26 16 Feb 19
I have been a customer for 25 years and have always had good service from Wil and the other techs and have always been treated fairly.
Dam SyXan
01:52 16 Feb 19
Randy Evans
11:53 15 Feb 19
Clare Louis
20:22 14 Feb 19
Jerry Ervin
14:50 14 Feb 19
The sales representative was very knowledgable and great to work with.The installation was very timely. The installers were great. They were efficient and professional. The install looks great and the systems works as expected. Results were evident within minutes after the installation was completed.
David Bartol
19:46 13 Feb 19
Office staff and our delivery man Dale are always friendly and providing very good service.
Trish Short
17:55 13 Feb 19
Most reliable company I’ve ever dealt with. Excellent customer service !
Penny Pope
19:02 12 Feb 19
Russ Schon
19:18 11 Feb 19
Wilquin was efficient and professional just like every time that I've met him. All companies should be thrilled with a similar employee.
Kathie Iovanne
19:46 10 Feb 19
LeAnne Foster
15:12 08 Feb 19
Aqua soft is the best! We have been clients for 29 years. Wil is amazing...knowledgeable, friendly and efficient.
Brent Wallace jr
00:39 08 Feb 19
Great company. Super fast service. Always smiling faces.
john walker
20:32 07 Feb 19
annis cantrell
16:15 06 Feb 19
They have bottled water fill stations in the showroom with alkaline and reverse osmosis water available for much cheaper than others locally. The water always tastes amazing and they test the water daily.
Vance Shutes
11:12 06 Feb 19
When it comes to products, experience, and knowledge related to water quality in your home or business, they're the experts! I've purchased two water softeners from them over the years, both being excellent products. Their maintenance of my system is always timely and outstanding. Call them!
Jodie Provencio
00:44 06 Feb 19
Our rep that came out was very polite and patient with us as I was very sick. He explained every test he did on our water very well. We are very happy we got the water system, can't believe we didn't do it much sooner. We have had our water system for about 19 days now and my hair is soft and amazing, my sons face is slowing clearing up. Our water system was installed within four days of our water being tested. The installers were very professional and courteous. When they broke a piece off our water pipe for the pool they jumped in and fixed it quickly and correctly. My only complaint I would have is be very careful what you sign. The way our rep explained the purchase we were under the impression we would be paying the company direct, that is very misleading and not the case. When I had time to completely review all my paperwork it’s a loan with interest. I was very upset about that because if I had known I would have put it off and save up to buy the system cash; as the interest is not for giving. I called and spoke with a manger which was not very helpful and promised a call back that I still never received. I will be paying this system off as fast as possible. We also never got our gift certificate as they promised. I informed my referrals to make sure they offer you the gift certificate they promise before they come into your home. These are the reasons I gave it four stars. Otherwise I am absolutely in love with my water system itself.
Jackie Messina
19:09 04 Feb 19
We are repeat customers of servisoft middlefield. Service is excellent whether you go and buy salt and supplies at the shop and have Dale deliver them. Dale is very courteous and professional when he makes deliveries too.
Loraine Hennigan
15:15 04 Feb 19
John Frederick
01:13 04 Feb 19
Greg Dettman
23:25 02 Feb 19
Fixed and functioning perfect! Thank you Agua Soft!
Adan Espinoza
22:36 02 Feb 19
Gary did a great job installing the system. He communicated very well what he needed to perform the installation and answered any question I had. The system is doing its work. We noticed a big change in the water for good.
Angela Puzzo
15:27 01 Feb 19
Always s pleasant experience with Dale!
James Bilderback
01:37 01 Feb 19
Great place Chris is the best employee they have very helpful no matter what you need he is the one to talk to thank you Chris for everything!
Willis Haas
00:08 30 Jan 19
Jeff and Lyndell installed a softener/filter and under-sink RO filter today. They were a pleasure to work with. Both of them were friendly, courteous, and exceptionally professional. The installation is first-rate and the water quality is excellent. I highly recommend the product and the service from Superior Water Treatment.
Tonya Sanders
00:42 29 Jan 19
Fantastic service!! Tested everything and replaced what was needed. Even recommended them to family. Thank you for being so thorough.
David Seltzer
16:04 27 Jan 19
Everyone was very informative and answered all my questions. Rick did a great job installing and running through everything with me. Very happy with the outcome so far.
14:22 25 Jan 19
Thank you Brian and his wonderful presentation. Very informative. Excellent products that everyone should have. Clean water is a must have!
pie Bob
23:00 24 Jan 19
Matthew Ziemba
18:54 22 Jan 19
I had Gary as my installer. He was polite, professional and did a great job explaining the system. He did a nice looking install, communicated with me effectively on component locations and he left the site cleaner than he found it. I am very satisfied with my experience and would not hesitate to recommend this company.(And, my dogs loved him.)
Robert Morgan
14:11 19 Jan 19
We were very pleased with the installation of the water softener system that we purchased through Costco. Gary and his crew from Superior Water Systems were very pleasant and did a great job of the installation Bob M
Jeremiah Pienkowski
22:31 13 Jan 19
Erik Berg
14:23 12 Jan 19
Everyone was fantastic, from Jeremy who showed us the benefits of soft water, to the install team who was fast and friendly. Thanks you guys!
Nina Atkins
20:58 07 Jan 19
Gary was professional, knowledgeable and attentive to the new installation. He took away all of the old equipment and cleaned the area. He also took extra time to explain the new system and was quite patient. We appreciate his professionalism.
Paul Marchetti
15:56 05 Jan 19
My experience from the in house demo to the install was outstanding and very professional. Danny our salesmen took the time to answer all of our questions and fully explain all of the features of the system. Our install team of Gary, Jeff, and Lindell were able to suggest proper placement of our system, power, and drainage requirements and made sure I understood the work that was going to be done prior to beginning. After the installation they went over the details for the care and maintenance of the system and made sure to answer any questions prior to departing. Such a great team to work with. I'm so glad I chose this company to install my in home system!
Jose Figueroa
20:48 04 Jan 19
Love the customer service this company provides. From the start when Ed came out to our house not to give us a sales pitch but prove to us how necessary this filter was needed! Not once did he mention price or try pushing us to buy anything, it was all information and how it could improve our water!! Once we were in, we had Jeff & Lyndell come by to install our filter. These guys were outstanding and had no intentions of leaving out of our home in a rush but rather take their time in installing everything correctly. They sat down and provided all the information needed and answered my questions! Thank you Superior Water Treatment staff!!! Definitely recommend this treatment from this company. Do not be scared to try it! You won’t regret!!!
Michael Stewart
19:53 28 Dec 18
Had a great experience with Superior Water Treatment. Gary installed the reverse osmosis and full conditioning system. He was fast, courteous, did quality work, and even more appreciated, he thoroughly checked all the connections and pointed out several potential issues for my general contractor to check into. Truly great service. Would highly recommend Superior...and Gary.
Joy V'Marie
07:10 28 Dec 18
Angel Albor knows so much - and is able to explain in details that I could understand about how I can get the fullest benefit from my water treatment system. He takes the time to do his job thoroughly - he's professional, thorough, and had personality plus!
Joe Flabeetz
22:15 27 Dec 18
I've used Servisoft of Middlefield for the past 12 years. As recent as 12/20/18 I was helped again by their service tech Dave who helped repair my old water system and provide great advice on how to get the most out of our system, as well as Joe whi was here the day before with a timely diagnosis. This company works for you. Many thanks to everyone there who make great things happen!- Mark - in Thompson.
Nick DiCarlo
02:35 27 Dec 18
Joe was prompt very efficient and new his job. The space was cleaner after he left. I would never hesitate to call him back.
Frank Thomas
15:08 21 Dec 18
Very professional staff that answered all my questions and followed up with me after the installation.
Tanaya Mckinney
02:00 21 Dec 18
Jeff and Lyndell did a great job with the install. I explained our needs of where the system needed to go and they were very understanding, I explained that my husband is very particular because this is a new house. They installed the system and made sure to put the landscaping back to the way it looked originally. They explained everything to me so I could relay the information to my husband. They also brought some things to my attention that I did not know, like my system could be hooked to my refrigerator for water and ice. Originally we were told it wasn't possible. I have to say that everyone that I have encountered in the last week that works for Superior Water Treatment has been excellent. Keep up the excellent customer service!!
Greg Kalous
23:20 20 Dec 18
Dave is a great technician. He goes above and beyond and is extremely knowledgeable in the field.
Maria Mar
17:44 20 Dec 18
Gary was very professional; he did an excellent job cutting into our granite countertop. We are very happy with the our water filter.
Ron Losik
11:56 20 Dec 18
Joe has been servicing my softener for many years. He is knowledgeable, competent, helpful and friendly. I have the utmost confidence in him and in Servisoft. Our water is much better since he was here. Thank you.
Gordon Conway
02:21 20 Dec 18
Servisoft was just in for a long overdue routine maintenance. Duane is my technician and is very knowledgeable and professional. I had gotten very expensive quote by another company and he showed me how the system was functioning and the quality of the water we were getting. Very thorough. Gordon Conway Mantua
Paul Whitten
22:19 19 Dec 18
john clunk
21:14 19 Dec 18
Jason did a fantastic job.
Nikki G
14:05 19 Dec 18
We are very happy with the entire process using Superior Water Treatment. Jeremy came to our house and explained the filtration system in detail and answered all of our questions without hesitation. He was very knowledgeable and was not pushy at all in his presentation. Gary came and did our installation. He was excellent. Friendly, knowledgeable and got right to work. He was thorough in installing our system and even fixed a mistake previous plumbers made in our garage regarding the drain. So far the system is worth the money. The water tastes amazing. It’s too early to evaluate the effects on our skin, clothes, and faucets. I will try to remember to update the review in 3-6 months. I can’t recommend Superior Water enough, it is a great investment for our family and home.
Dana Scott
19:00 17 Dec 18
Very friendly staff! I'm very happy with my experience with Aqua Soft and would recommend them to anyone!
Dana Scott
18:57 17 Dec 18
Top of the line customer service! Very happy with my experience with Great Water USA!
Brian Williams
20:00 16 Dec 18
Taste the difference!
Dennis Simpson
17:51 14 Dec 18
We had a complete superior water system installed by Oz recently. He is a very knowledgeable and pleasant person to have as an installer. His instructions were very simple and thorough and told us never to hesitate to call him if any issues. I would highly recommend this system and installer for your home. -- Dennis and Ben
Colleen Rounsavall
14:10 14 Dec 18
Wonderful experience. This is our first time owning a home with a well and septic and Duane our tech explained everything we have. He went through each piece of equipment and told me what it was, how it works and the best ways to maintain them. He was so great.
Richard Dadd
03:04 13 Dec 18
Very professional both install and demonstration. Had no problems at all, they worked around my schedule and got it installed in one day! We love our new softened and filtered water! A++
Moreland Smith
21:55 12 Dec 18
Chris does a great job everytime be comes to my house.
Josh Nope
21:09 11 Dec 18
Always a great experience and always on-time! It’s so nice not having to worry about my water system or having to lug the salt around myself. Only place I would trust with my water!
Misty Hidalgo
18:22 10 Dec 18
Misty Hidalgo
18:21 10 Dec 18
Murray Klein
22:35 07 Dec 18
Jessica Allen
15:38 07 Dec 18
23:33 06 Dec 18
My Installer Was Gary. He Was On Time And Very Professional He Explained Completely What He Was Going To Do And Then Proceeded To Do An Excellent Job, As A Matter Of Fact His Work Was Beyond My Expectations. Gary Really Did A Beautiful Job.THANKS GARY FOR DOING SUCH NICE WORK! RAY MARTINEZ
Lawrence Whitcomb
16:34 06 Dec 18
Roy Petersilge
13:04 06 Dec 18
Kim Talbott
17:07 04 Dec 18
We are very pleased with the service we received from Superior Water Treatment. Our account rep, Ed, was very professional and not pushy at all. He tested our water, described the systems benefits and costs and was very patient with us. Our installer, Jeff, showed up on time and did excellent work. I was a little concerned about him drilling a hole in our granite, but he did a great job. He was professional and left the area where he was working clean. My husband also mentioned that the plumbing work he did outside, where the main system was installed, was top notch. Again, we're very happy with the service we've received and are looking forward to enjoying the benefits of our new water Ecowater system!
Jenn Johnson
18:56 30 Nov 18
Jeff and LynDell did an excellent install. They arrived on time, were very friendly, and ensured equipment was located and orientated how we wanted it. After the install, they did a great job cleaning up. LynDell even tightened our kitchen faucet for us while he was installing the under sink RO system.
Ryan Sommer
02:31 29 Nov 18
Ryan Sommer
02:30 29 Nov 18
Carlos F. Oyarzun
21:06 28 Nov 18
The best service delivery that we have had. The gentle and corteous habits of DALE, makes him the BEST. Make sure that he knows how appreciated he is in our household.Thank you,Dr Carlos & Mrs . Micheline OYARZUN
Mike Gartenberg
20:25 28 Nov 18
Carolyn Sommer
14:21 28 Nov 18
Very professional, efficient staff. Great family owned business!
Carolyn Sommer
14:19 28 Nov 18
Friendly staff and always eager to help !
Dennis Wetterich
04:01 28 Nov 18
Gary came to the house on time and provided some choices for the location of the unit. His past experience installing softeners was very valuable as he was able to explain in detail how the installation would be done at each of the possible locations, and how the price of the installation would be modified. I did not choose the easy location, but Gary, Jeff, and Lyndell stayed with it till it was completely installed that day. They were professional, happy, and dedicated. These guys are my softener guys now. I won't call any body else.
Kent King
18:55 26 Nov 18
Gary, Jeff and Lyndell were great at explaining all the details of the water conditioning system and offered some fantastic ideas as to placement of the conditioner, electric and other aspects of the system. We were very appreciative of all their suggestions and help in making our decisions easier for us to make. THANKS GUYS! We are sure we will enjoy our water conditioning system for years to come. Professional young men are always a blessing. Kent & Cheri
Bill Weaver
17:11 21 Nov 18
Dale was awesome he explained it all to me made me feel like I know my system better. Thanks.
dilys smith
19:52 20 Nov 18
I love my fresh water that Aqua System provides. Chris did a great job while he was here! Thanks again!
h h
18:06 19 Nov 18
All of the guys at Aqua Systems are the best. I have never encountered such honest people in any aspect of building our house. They give sound advise, and their prices are unbelievably fair. If you have ANY issues concerning water call them first before you call anyone else. Jonathon who came to the house was a true expert and answered all of my questions and was very patient with explaining things to me. Scott the salesperson also made sure I got the perfect system that was just right. These guys are the best!
Leslie Rumbarger
20:16 15 Nov 18
I've been a customer of servisoft since 2006. Dave is our rep. and he is great! Not only is he excellent with repairs, he takes the time to explain every detail of the work he is doing.
17:14 15 Nov 18
James Waldron
01:07 15 Nov 18
Did a great job , very knowledgeable, would use them every time
Kirk Mccutcheon
20:59 14 Nov 18
Jason did a great job! He tested my water and made sure everything was good.
Andrew Murry
20:46 14 Nov 18
Danny the salesman and Oz the installer were excellent. They were very knowledgeable and friendly. The installation process could not have been better. We are pleased with the company and with their product and service so far. Thanks for your excellence!
Jeffrey O'Haver
19:25 14 Nov 18
Our installer Gary was absolutely fantastic. He was on time as scheduled and greeted us with a friendly smile. The entire process from start to finish was seamless and Gary was a complete professional the entire time. I am the type of person that likes to see the install process and understand how the system works. Gary was kind enough to allow me to hang around while he worked (within safe limits as he advised) and he fielded as many questions as I could ask while he worked. Gary’s experience and professionalism are very apparent in his attitude and workmanship and I am 100% satisfied for the work he completed. We are excited about our new water refiner and RO system and even more so happy that it was installed by Gary. Thanks again!
Melissa Hall
17:48 14 Nov 18
Chris did a great job!
Steven Prescott
13:59 14 Nov 18
Wil and his office staff are excellent. He listened to us and offered the perfect system for our needs. Highly recommend.
Steve Sorrell
13:11 14 Nov 18
Cierra Mccarty
14:49 09 Nov 18
Shane Caton
04:45 09 Nov 18
Very friendly and would have never thought they could make water that good. It is truly worth the cost.
Sheila Oconnor
01:53 06 Nov 18
Dale is always great! Couldn’t ask for better service!!
Simona Prchal
23:17 05 Nov 18