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Why come in contact with a store, when the items in the store can come to you? We can deliver water, salt, and filters to you. Just give us a call or fill out the form below for more info!

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    We take great pride in serving our customers to achieve those reviews and a major reason for that is our dedication to service.

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    American Aqua is NSF Certified American Aqua has the WQA gold seal CE Seal | Water Softeners & Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water CE Logo | Water Filters and Filtration ISO Logo for American Aqua Michigan Water Quality Association EPA Certified Lead-Free

    * 10-Point System Inspection includes checking the time and cycle settings to ensure your softener is working. It does not include any maintenance, service or cleaning.

    Based on 115 reviews
    Sarah Morrison
    Sarah Morrison
    00:26 15 Feb 21
    We have well water at the house we just purchased and it smelled and tasted bad. There was already a water softener system in place. American aqua came out and tested the water and helped us figure... out the best solution. We ended up adding an iron filter and that did the trick. CJ came out twice, first to test the water and for a second appointment to install the filter. He was friendly and very knowledgeable. He always wore a mask and gave plenty of space while working in our more
    Bela Sipos
    Bela Sipos
    20:00 05 Feb 21
    Great Service
    13:25 02 Feb 21
    I have water softener salt delivered to my house by American Aqua. They are prompt and dependable. Price is also reasonable
    Gabriel Kadoo
    Gabriel Kadoo
    20:10 01 Nov 20
    Adam was very knowledgeable and took the time needed to recommend solutions to treat our well water, he also offered multiple choices of equipment at different price point to get us as close as... possible to our budget, the planning and the actual installation went very smooth. I highly recommend this more
    David & Tracy McManama
    David & Tracy McManama
    11:27 22 Aug 20
    We needed a new iron curtain and water softener. Adam talked to me about the options, and took the time to explain what we really needed. He saved us money and hassle. A few weeks later, Adam did the... installation. It was done quickly with no mess. Highly recommend more
    Mark Liston
    Mark Liston
    15:53 25 Jun 20
    UPDATE - June 25 -After we posted the rating (below) we received a phone call the next day and we discussed the situation. They were great! They returned the money and any monies spent for the... part that didn't fix the problem. In addition, they came and picked up the water softener I replaced.To me that is going over and above. I recommend them 100%. We all make mistakes, but I judge a company with what they do after that mistake as the true measure of a company.We moved into a house with a Whirlpool water softener. After a year it didn't work well so I called around to see who might be able to fix it. They said they did but it would take a week to get someone over. No problem. The technician arrived and said he had been in the business for over 30 years and could fix ANYTHING.When he looked at it he said it needed a new part and I could order it on-line for $40 or $50. I asked him to help me and he said they didn't order anything. I was left on my own to try and figure out what exact part. He said he wouldn't charge me because he didn't do anything. He said we might need a new water softener and it would be around $2,000. He claimed that he had many customers on our street and many of them had iron filters, too. He said there are other ones you can order on line but good luck finding someone to install them.I explained that I had been in the business for 19 years - I just didn't know anything about the Whirlpool brand. He explained that Eco Water (major manufacturer) built them and they were an Eco dealer, too. That convinced me he could fix it.Great! I ordered the correct part, I thought, for $139 and called them back to put it in. Again, several days wait. No problem I felt that he could fix it. He came out, put in the part, and crickets. Same issues as before. To this he said, "I have no idea what is wrong". Maybe a harness. He looked in the truck and he had a harness that would fit - still nothing. He suggested I order one of those for $25 or $30.Then he gave me the bill of $109. I now have $238 into this machine that still isn't working. I did exactly what he said to do. AGain, his comment, "I have no idea what to do". Same comment from a guy who said, "I can fix anything".I wasn't about to invest $2,000 more because I thought we'd be in the house only 3 more years. We have another home in Florida.I took my water to another company to get tested. 23 gpg with 1 ppm of iron. We NEVER installed an iron filter for 1 ppm iron. But, again, I only did the business for 19 years.I'll never do business with them again. I ordered the exact same model that I had for $550. I got the old one out myself and I'm sure I can reinstall the exact same model.Great lesson. I'll never call American Aqua more
    SMF Inc.
    SMF Inc.
    14:03 22 Jun 20
    CJM was knowledgeable, Professional and courteous.
    Krystal McLeod
    Krystal McLeod
    15:30 09 Jun 20
    Ever since I moved here in 2004 I have been using American Aqua. When my water softener system was installed I was told to only use Duracube. Since 2004, when my water softener system was installed... Duracube is the only salt that has been in my system. You can pull right up to American Aqua, they open the garage door you pulled in and they load your car you don’t even have to step out of your car. How awesome is that. They also offer delivery but I have kids to unload my car.They staff is always so nice. Adam that works there has been there since I started going and he is always so nice and responsible. I have moved twice since I have been here and I have taken my system with me and Adam has always done that work for me. Including my reverse osmosis. Great place. Very conveniently located.P.S. I go to the American Aqua in more
    Arlene Wolf
    Arlene Wolf
    14:18 19 Apr 20
    The repair of my water softener was completed in a timely manner. I really appreciated the prompt service. Thank You.
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