The Best Water Softeners in Southeast Michigan

A Whole House Water Softener, Conditioner and Filter System in One

There are a ton of water treatment companies claiming they’re the best however here are a few reasons we have over 50 positive reviews (and no negatives) on sites like Google+ and Angie’s List:
  • Products are Made in the USA.
  • Local, family-owned and operated for since 1955. We live in the community and truly care about our customers.
  • The most comprehensive manufacturers warranty in the business including Lifetime Warranties.
  • Dealers who are water treatment professionals – not just plumbers or retailers.
  • A full line of reverse osmosis water filters for clear, clean drinking water.
  • Products specifically designed for municipal, rural, or problem water.
  • Wireless remote monitoring of salt level and operation so you don’t have to remember to check.
  • Refiner option to remove unwanted chlorine taste and odor from your water.
Water Conditioning System ERR 3500

CLICK on the picture above for a chart comparing several EcoWater Water Conditioning Systems.

The EcoWater ERR 3500 Series combines the benefit of water softening and filtration into a single, low-maintenance system.Benefits include:
  1. Removal of chlorine taste and odor, hardness minerals, and sediment.
  2. A layer of coconut-shell carbon that filters the water throughout the home without compromising water flow.
  3. Provides great tasting, healthier water in every outlet.
  4. Prevents scale build-up on pipes, faucets and water using appliances.
  5. According to the University of New Mexico, softened water can reduce hot water heating costs nearly 30%.
  6. Soft water also requires up to 75% less soaps, cleaners, and shampoos according to the Battelle Institute.
  7. Eliminates spots on silverware, glasses and dishes.
  8. Tested and certified by NSF International and WQA against NSF/ANSI Standard 44 for the reduction of Barium and Radium 226/228.
Just like your television, your EcoWater Softener even comes with a remote control.This HydroLink™ Technology is a patented, FCC compliant, two-way communication network connection between the system and a remote.In other words, you can control your system from anywhere in the house.Fill out the form below to learn more about the benefits of EcoWater Water Conditioners or for a Free In-Home Water Test & Evaluation.
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Based on 153 reviews
Richard Sullivan
Richard Sullivan
17:17 20 May 22
Knowledgeable on time pleasant to deal with
22:34 18 May 22
I've been with American Aqua for over 10 years, and have been pleased with service they deliver. Recently I had an issue with my softner tank, which I rent ,and Sean was great at getting to the... issue, and replacing my tank.Their rates are pretty reasonable and their fairly quick to resolve any problems concidering the staff stortage everyone is experiencing. One of the most important things is the respectful and friendly employees that they more
Jess Franklin
Jess Franklin
14:09 26 Apr 22
Don remembered putting in our water softener about 40 years agoIt has been perfect and Don has been wonderful at every visit
Lori Esse
Lori Esse
01:29 24 Apr 22
Knowledgeable, courteous, friendly. Highly recommend. Water tastes great!
Todd McLeod
Todd McLeod
16:33 22 Apr 22
American Aqua was great. The technician that came to our house was great. Originally, I purchased an RO system on the internet and had our contractor install it. The water pressure on the INTERNET RO... system was really low. I hired a plumber to look at it and he couldn't fix it. All of this cost a lot of money. Eventually, I got rid of the INTERNET RO system. I had American Aqua come and they installed THEIR RO system. Adam got it working great with our faucet, and it has great water pressure. We are super happy with American Aqua and wish we just went with them more
Heather Schweitzer
Heather Schweitzer
13:49 19 Apr 22
Don is the best! He has been servicing our water softener and filtration system for years. He’s friendly and super knowledgeable.
doug bilinski
doug bilinski
15:57 02 Apr 22
Had to get our water softener replaced due to ours leaking/being quite old. Cj was incredibly helpful and respectful during the whole process. Happy with the price, love the new equipment. Took maybe... 2 hours at most.I highly recommend this company! Everyone is super polite and they do honest good more
Jason Ceo
Jason Ceo
15:02 29 Mar 22
Chris came and checked out our softener. It turns out that we just needed a valve to be turned on. Of course I was embarrassed but Chris was incredibly respectful and transparent. There were no... efforts to sell me on things that were unnecessary and I actually learned a lot about my system from him. I’m very grateful that he came out to our more
Karen Bright
Karen Bright
20:49 04 Mar 22
I couldn't be more pleased with the service provided by Adam! He was extremely personable, very efficient, and took the time to explain the new system to me.
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