The Best Water Softeners in Southeast Michigan

A Whole House Water Softener, Conditioner and Filter System in One

There are a ton of water treatment companies claiming they’re the best however here are a few reasons we have over 50 positive reviews (and no negatives) on sites like Google+ and Angie’s List:
  • Products are Made in the USA.
  • Local, family-owned and operated for since 1955. We live in the community and truly care about our customers.
  • The most comprehensive manufacturers warranty in the business including Lifetime Warranties.
  • Dealers who are water treatment professionals – not just plumbers or retailers.
  • A full line of reverse osmosis water filters for clear, clean drinking water.
  • Products specifically designed for municipal, rural, or problem water.
  • Wireless remote monitoring of salt level and operation so you don’t have to remember to check.
  • Refiner option to remove unwanted chlorine taste and odor from your water.
Water Conditioning System ERR 3500

CLICK on the picture above for a chart comparing several EcoWater Water Conditioning Systems.

The EcoWater ERR 3500 Series combines the benefit of water softening and filtration into a single, low-maintenance system.Benefits include:
  1. Removal of chlorine taste and odor, hardness minerals, and sediment.
  2. A layer of coconut-shell carbon that filters the water throughout the home without compromising water flow.
  3. Provides great tasting, healthier water in every outlet.
  4. Prevents scale build-up on pipes, faucets and water using appliances.
  5. According to the University of New Mexico, softened water can reduce hot water heating costs nearly 30%.
  6. Soft water also requires up to 75% less soaps, cleaners, and shampoos according to the Battelle Institute.
  7. Eliminates spots on silverware, glasses and dishes.
  8. Tested and certified by NSF International and WQA against NSF/ANSI Standard 44 for the reduction of Barium and Radium 226/228.
Just like your television, your EcoWater Softener even comes with a remote control.This HydroLink™ Technology is a patented, FCC compliant, two-way communication network connection between the system and a remote.In other words, you can control your system from anywhere in the house.Fill out the form below to learn more about the benefits of EcoWater Water Conditioners or for a Free In-Home Water Test & Evaluation.
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Based on 246 reviews
Craig Rathfon
Craig Rathfon
01:20 25 May 23
Great service. Dylan was very helpful and didn't try to sell me more then I needed. Highly recommend them.
John Kogelman
John Kogelman
01:12 24 May 23
Very professional and explained how to take care of the system. He checked all the fittings to make sure no leaks.
Alison Robison
Alison Robison
18:27 16 May 23
Dylan was the finest professional - courteous, meticulous, and very clear in educating us about our new softener system. We couldn’t be more satisfied!
Jess Franklin
Jess Franklin
12:11 26 Apr 23
Don remembered putting in our water softener about 40 years agoIt has been perfect and Don has been wonderful at every visit
Stephanie Rosenbaum
Stephanie Rosenbaum
14:34 18 Apr 23
Adam was wonderful and very responsive. He did a great job!
Gerri Killee
Gerri Killee
22:52 09 Apr 23
Dylan k. Did a great job explaining everything to me , and completed everything in a timely manner. Thanks bunches.
Jane Ollila
Jane Ollila
12:52 09 Apr 23
Always friendly and prompt when we have a question or issue needing attention. In an devoid of customer service, this is a standout company! Highly recommend!
Bill McPherson
Bill McPherson
13:57 04 Apr 23
Don Came out today for routine service. Fast and efficient service as always. A great guy!
barbara priest
barbara priest
20:29 26 Mar 23
friendly office staffinformative, conscientious, and thorough technician
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