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Michigan Water Testing and Compliance – with American Aqua’s Help

The Water Cycle | American Aqua
Assuring your water’s purity should be a clear and simple matter, right? If only it were so. The water you drink and use each day is, in fact, a substance of great complexity. Think of all the pollutants and other unwanted ingredients water can pick up as it makes its way through the Hydrologic Cycle. Impurities abound. That’s why certified drinking water testing by American Aqua can be so important for your family or business.Have well water? Now you can feel confident in its quality. We test for arsenic, benzene, iron, lead, mercury, nitrates, PCBs, sodium, and more – over 80 checkpoints in all. Need to meet EPA or other government and industry standards?With the help of our certified lab water testing and expert analysis, you can determine exactly how to comply. Note too: American Aqua is Michigan DEQ-certified for water systems management.Please contact us to arrange a site review and to get an exact price quote on drinking water testing parameters.

Certified Lab Tests

Starting as low as $129. Contact us today for details.