Do You Know What’s in Your Water?

This video is a bit funny, but it makes an interesting point – Why don’t we care about the water out of our tap as much as the food from the grocery store or a restaurant?

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To learn about what contaminants* might be in your water, you’ll want to take advantage of our in-home water test. Use the contact form on the right to let us know you’d like a Water Test and one of our friendly representatives will get in touch to schedule a convenient time to test your water. We will perform a basic test on your water to determine your Total Dissolved Solids, Hardness, and Chlorine content and present you with a professional analysis of the results.

Common Contaminants in Southeast Michigan and Northern Ohio areas


Treatment – Our guaranteed whole house water softener and conditioner provides the best option for soft water on the market. It improves the water throughout your entire home while protecting your appliances and fixtures.


Treatment – The EcoWater ECR 3502 is rated to remove up to 15 ppm of clear water iron. In most cases our equipment can remove triple the iron compared to competitive brands. Should your water run red out of the faucet, an ETF AII9 Air Injection filter ahead of your water softener will usually fix the problem. In severe cases a separate iron filter may be needed.


Treatment – The most efficient Chlorine reduction filter is Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) or Catalytic Carbon. Due to the high level of chlorine added to water by cities, you will really appreciate your water with chlorine reduction. See our Whole House Filtration page for more information.

Dirt & Sediment

Treatment – Dirt and sediment is found in almost all water supplies and will decrease the efficiency and life span of your appliances. For example, sediment in a water heater can prevent the heat from transferring to the water in the tank once sediment has built up in the bottom. Our whole house filtration system can help with this problem.

Contaminats in Drinking Water

Treatment – Protecting the water in your home is important, however ensuring the purity of the water you are putting in your body is even more crucial. Our Reverse Osmosis drinking water system will give you a peace of mind that your drinking water is healthy, and you are going to fall in love with this drinking water system that can provide up to 50 gallons per day of delicious water.

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