Why American Aqua Drinking Water Systems?

Girl Drinking Healthy WaterAs a mom, wife, career woman, chauffeur, jungle gym, and master chef of mac ‘n’ cheese, the ability to make bottled-quality water at my sink is amazing.

Not only do I use it for healthy drinking water, I use it to:
  • Cook: using it for coffees, teas, soups, pasta, and in recipes too.
  • Clean: mixing reverse osmosis (RO) water with wood or tile cleaner leaves your floors spot free and mixing a little with your window cleaner helps stretch your budget.
  • Water my pets: it sounds silly, but you know, if you had this great of water in a virtually unlimited supply, you’d give it to your pets too!
  • Plants: indoors and outdoors, plants love reverse osmosis water. Because RO water is more aggressive, it dissolved the minerals in the soil better than regular tap water in order to feed those nutrients to your plants.
  • Humidifiers: talk about extending the life of your appliances! RO water keeps the filter from clogging up, making your humidifier something you can pass down to your kiddos.
  • Bottles: If you use formula for your baby, or like to add a little water to their juice to dilute it, RO water is safe and unlike tap water, you know it’s 99.9% contaminant free.
  • Hummingbird water: trust me, you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood with swarms of hummingbirds. Just make sure you can keep up with the sugar!
My favorite thing about my Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System is the professional installation and affordable price. With all these different uses for an RO system, here are some ways it will save you money and time:
  • Extends the life of coffee pots, humidifiers, espresso machines, and pots & pans
  • Adding RO water to cleaners saves serious dollars over time
  • Filling up gallon jugs, or large water bottles to take with you and the family saves money on bottled water
  • Saves time and fuel going to the store or water dispensing station
AND Just think about what you spend now on bottled water and I’ll bet you’ll save money on that alone.
Just fill out the form below or give us a call and we’ll give you the details. Clean Healthy Drinking Water For more detailed information on potential problems with you’re water, CLICK HERE to see a great table explaining how an American Aqua RO System can help. Drinking Water Systems” description=”false” title=”false”]