Chemical Manufacturer

A chemical firm needed an ultrapure treatment system for their laboratory. The water purity needed to be at its most pure level, which is 18.0 megaohms. The challenge for creating this type of water is first producing it, then measuring its purity, and finally transporting it to its “point-of-use” with corroding piping. American Aqua designed and installed a system to do exactly what the customer needed. The design incorporated a deionized water tank, an ultrapure water monitor, and specialized piping especially made for ultrapure water. Our MDEQ certified technicians installed the system to the client’s specifications and ensured proper functionality. Finally, American Aqua has the capability, at its “Portable Exchange Deionization” (PEDI) regeneration plant in Saline, MI, to regenerate the “spent” mixed bed resin from this application.

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Case Study_ Chemical Manufacturer