Coffee & Specialty Beverage Company

A leader in the prepared coffee industry has several different types of coffee drinks that are sold in their stores as well as high-end equipment that prepares these beverages. One of the challenges for this franchise business is water quality. Each location has source water with different chemistry, and a unique solution is needed for every geographic location. Improper water chemistry can create bad tasting coffee and ruin expensive and specialized equipment. American Aqua tested the water and determined that hardness and iron were present. We then installed a softener that removed the iron from the water and exchanged the hardness for sodium. The sodium was then removed, along with all other dissolved solids, by using a Reverse Osmosis system. Because RO water is corrosive, we then blended back a small amount of hard water to prevent corrosion of the different metallurgies found in the coffee making equipment. The result was water chemistry that protected the equipment from premature failure and created the best possible coffee and specialty beverages.

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