Michigan Casino

A large Casino in Northern Michigan needed to replace a poorly functioning water softener. This softener treated all of the incoming water to the facility (both casino and hotel). The poor water quality from their private well required significant amounts of salt to regenerate the softener system. Additionally, due to discharge restrictions, brine water from the regeneration cycle needed to be disposed of off-site and 50% of the salt used to create the brine needed to be Potassium Chloride (about 3 times as expensive as Sodium Chloride). American Aqua designed a high-efficiency system with brine recovery that uses approximately 55% less brine during regeneration. The customer chose our “Water Management Program” option as opposed to an outright purchase. With this option, there is a fixed fee monthly payment as opposed to an outright purchase of the equipment on installation. The benefits of this option are no upfront large outlay of capital, all maintenance and parts are included for the life of the agreement, and reduced salt pricing. The payback for the customer in this instance was 3.65 months with a monthly savings of $2000.

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Case Study_ Michigan Casino