Multi-Building Corporate Campus

A national insurance company has a large campus located in Southfield, MI. The water that is typically used in this area is Detroit City Water, which can be used without concern in most applications. To save money and reduce municipality water usage, our client used a well for its irrigation system. This well has a high level of iron which causes staining on concrete and stone work around the campus. Years ago, our client had an iron filtration system installed. Due to the age of the system the media was no longer filtering iron and staining began to appear on all concrete, costing our client thousands of dollars to repair their concrete. The challenge for us was that we needed to remove all the media and replace it with new media along with replacing antiquated and malfunctioning controls. American Aqua worked with several different partners to vacuum out over 30 cubic feet of spent media, install proper interior components to the filtration system, repair the air compressor (needed for aeration and oxidation of iron), and install proper controls. It was a very complex project where preparation, communication, and execution were needed to stick the dismount.

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