Marijuana Grow Facility

A large marijuana grow facility was being constructed in the Lansing, MI area. Over 15,000 gallons per day of purified water was required for irrigation and production of nutrient solution. The client had purchased equipment through the new construction market; however, they were unable to properly install, operate, and service the system which ended up leaving them with inadequate water chemistry for production. Perfect water chemistry is essential to the marijuana production process, so our client contacted American Aqua to provide a comprehensive solution for their entire grow facility. American Aqua worked with the manufacturing company of the equipment to install equipment and start it up. American Aqua continues to provide service on the equipment and also provides pretreatment chemicals to increase the longevity of the commercial reverse osmosis membranes and other components of the water treatment system. With this water treatment system in place, the grow facility has the correct water chemistry for optimal marijuana growth. American Aqua also provides continuous salt delivery to ensure soft water is being fed to the commercial reverse osmosis system.

Interested in a Water Treatment Solution for Your Marijuana Grow Facility?

Our team couples their industry expertise with the latest in water treatment technology to design and implement custom solutions for any commercial and industrial application. American Aqua is the expert for reverse osmosis, ozonation, deionization, industrial water softeners, carbon filtration, Ultra-Violet filtration, and more. Please reach out to our team about your water treatment needs and we will get back to you with next steps. Depending on your project, the next step will be a more in-depth conversation about your water chemistry requirements and concerns, followed by an on-site visit where we will test your water and provide a comprehensive water treatment proposal.

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